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Eve - 30th Anniversary Edition
Eve  - <strong> 30th Anniversary Edition </strong> Quantity in Basket: None
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30th Anniversary Edition includes 7 unreleased alternate versions / early demos.
Digitally Remastered
Booklet includes rare photos & memorabilia

Released: 1979
Highest US Chart Position: #13
"Damned If I Do" (#27)

This album was considered by many to be politically incorrect, although I don't think the phrase had been coined at that time. It dealt with the world of women, with the emphasis on the darker side of the female sex. Some people (especially women) hated the cover, which depicted beautiful women with one side of their faces disfigured. We recorded it in a little village in the south of France called Berre-Les-Alpes, where an industrious young entrepreneur born into the British Brentford Nylons empire had built a full-blown recording studio. With British income tax under the Labour government at a rate of up to 93%, many British acts were forced to record abroad. These included at the same studio, Pink Floyd, Queen and Kate Bush as well as ourselves. The album scored a Number 1 hit in several countries in Europe and the opening instrumental Lucifer also reached Number 1 in the singles chart in Germany, much to the chagrin of Eric, who hated it! Because of the subject matter, it was obvious we had to include female vocalists - something we had rarely done up to that point. Clare Torry (whom I had introduced to Pink Floyd on Dark Side Of The Moon) flew down from London for Don't Hold Back, and another singer who had also featured on 'Dark Side', Leslie Duncan did a beautiful vocal performance on one of my all-time favorites, If I Could Change Your Mind.

Track Listing:
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1. Lucifer 6. Damned If I Do
2. You Lie Down With Dogs 7. Don't Hold Back
3. I'd Rather Be A Man 8. Secret Garden
4. You Won't Be There 9. If I Could Change Your Mind
5. Winding Me Up

Produced by Alan Parsons

Main Players:

Eric Woolfson: Vocals and Keyboards
Andrew Powell
Tony Richards
Chris Blair
Chris Rainbow: Vocals
Lenny Zakatek: Vocals
Colin Blunstone: Vocals
David Patton: Bass and Vocals
Stuart Elliot: Drums & Percussion
Ian Bairnson: Acoustic & Electric Guitars
Duncan MacKay: Keyboards
Clare Torry: Vocals
Dave Townsend: Vocals
Lesley Duncan: Vocals
Alan Parsons: Miscellaneous Instruments