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Released: 1978
Highest US Chart Position: #26
"What Goes Up..." (#87)

The second album on Arista. We originally thought that the concept should cover all areas of witchcraft, but we soon zeroed in on the history of pyramids and "pyramid power" for the central theme. One of the most memorable moments happened outside the studio when I was photographed for the front cover shot. Even though the cover shows me in a very comfortable-looking bedroom overlooking an Egyptian pyramid, I was actually in the Hipgnosis photographic studio in London's Soho district on a sub-zero freezing cold night in December. Storm Thorgerson and all the photographers and their assistants were all wrapped up in gloves and scarves in this drafty, freezing loft while the bastards had me in thin cotton pyjamas and insisted that I kept still for 20-second exposures without shivering and holding my breath to avoid being able to see white clouds billowing from my mouth in the shot. I thought the album was generally quite well-produced and I particularly enjoyed Colin Blunstone's vocal on The Eagle Will Rise Again. Colin and I had been drinking partners at a pub called The Flask in London's Hampstead district where we both lived at the time. I think this was the last album where we had the right ratio of instrumental to vocal content. Clive Davis was always looking for that all-important radio hit and he perhaps coaxed us into making later albums more vocal-intensive.

Track Listing:

  1. Voyager
  2. What Goes Up
  3. The Eagle Will Rise Again
  4. One More River
  5. Can't Take it with You
  6. In the Lap of the Gods
  7. Pyramania
  8. Hyper-Gamma-Spaces
  9. Shadow of a Lonely Man

Produced by Alan Parsons

Main Players:

David Paton: Bass and Vocals
Stuart Elliott: Drums and Percussion
Ian Bairnson: Guitars
Richard Cottle: Synths and Saxes
Eric Woolfson: Executive Producer, Pianos, Vocals
Colin Blunstone: Vocals
Dean Ford: Vocals
Lenny Zakatec: Vocals
Jack Harris: Vocals
John Miles: Vocals
Christopher Warren-Green: The Philharmonia Orchestra Leader
Andrew Powell: Orchestra Arranger and Conductor
Bob Howes: Choir Master
Alan Parsons: Acoustic Guitar