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Twiddly.Bits The Funk
Twiddly.Bits The Funk Quantity in Basket: None
Price: $20.00
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  • More than 600 unique, royalty-free MIDI loops
  • Everything played by live musicians - with no quantizing
  • Classic funk instrumentation including electric piano, guitar, brass, Clavinet, bass and more.
  • SMF format with standard GM mapping (see below for additional formats)
  • Players include Cyril McCammon (Amy Winehouse), Hugh Turner (Funk Assembly) and Milton MacDonald (M People, Atomic Kitten), Snake Davis (Jamiroquai, Ray Charles, Beyonce), Shane Meehan (Beats International) , & Gavin Harrison (Level 42. Porcupine Tree) and Dale Davis (Tina Turner, Paul Young, Amy Winehouse)
  • Instant download: start working in 2 minutes!
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We Say

Old School funk; raw, rare, and rippin'.

More than 600 top quality loops featuring all the crucial instruments for funk, including electric pianos, Clavinets, brass, drum and bass of course, and dead cool guitar.

Inspired by the seventies, this collection was recorded by the cream of London's young funk players several of whom have now gone on to work with heavy-hitting international artists like Amy Winehouse, Tina Turner, and Beyonce.

The Clavinet parts are standout, and the drums are classic. This is real songwriter material, and a collection you'll come back to time and time again.

SMF Type 1 file format. Guaranteed to work with all DAWs and hardware sequencers that can load/import .MIDs: Cubase (all versions, including LE and Sequel), GarageBand, Pro Tools, Logic, Acid, Reason, Ableton Live, FL Studio, Live, and Cakewalk (all version), and with all VSTs or synth sound sources.

They Say

'So good are the performances on this disk, that it's hard to believe that they're coming out of a GM Module" Sound on Sound
"Uniformily inpressive and useful files in a well planned collection. A rare combination." Future Music
"If you like your music funky this is well worth investing in." Keyboard Review

Available Formats

The file/mapping formats that come with this download include:

  • SMF [.mid]
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