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Twiddly.Bits Jazz Piano-Bass & Drums
Twiddly.Bits Jazz Piano-Bass & Drums Quantity in Basket: None
Price: $20.00
Download: data (in .zip file with .pdf manual).
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Instant Guide

  • More than 1000 unique, royalty-free MIDI loops!
  • Create top high quality jazz backings in minutes
  • Everything played by live musicians – with no quantizing
  • Rhythm section material to die for
  • Jazz chords, inversions, and classic progressions
  • SMF format with standard GM mapping (see below for additional formats)
  • Yamaha Motif (ES) format is in special construction set style for instant song/beat creation
  • Players include Joe Vannelli, Arden Hart (Pasadenas, Melanie C, Brand New Heavies, Massive Attack), Andrew Small (US3, Des’ree, Massive Attack), Julian Crampton (George Benson, Incognito, Lungau Bigband), and others.
  • Instant download: start working in 2 minutes!
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We Say

This collection takes MIDI recording to new and unparalleled heights.

The combination of this, along with its sister volume Jazz: Solo Instruments, will prove irresistible to anyone with an ear for jazz, whether you’re a pro looking to flesh out some arrangements or a student looking for some hands-on examples with which to learn about the complex world of jazz composition.

From chord progressions, to solos, to feels, to licks, parts include walking basslines, brush drum patterns, drum solos, breakneck acoustic piano solos, silky smooth jazz electric piano grooves, and more. Parts are categorized by type and tempo and also by mode or sensibility - ie Dorian mode, major, minor etc., making this volume an excellent jazz tutor from both a playing and study perspective.

Stylistically, the collection spans classic "modern jazz" to radio-friendly smooth jazz; from safe and groovy, to invigoratingly "outside."

SMF Type 1 file format. Guaranteed to work with all DAWs and hardware sequencers that can load/import .MIDs: Cubase (all versions, including LE and Sequel), GarageBand, Pro Tools, Logic, Acid, Reason, Ableton Live, FL Studio, Live, and Cakewalk (all version), and with all VSTs or synth sound sources.

They Say

The acoustic bass lines are intricate and make good use of a +8 pitch bend range. Many of the piano lines are super fast and the piano voicings perfectly complement the mix. The results are impressive, and professional."
It's heartbreaking, iust by loading some of the patterns from Jazz - Piano, Bass & Drums I've given my sequencer more feel and jazz groove that I could ever hope to achieve in a lifetime's practice" Music Mart
"This is a worthy addition to what I think is the best series of MIDI Files in the world" Music Mart
"With such an immaculately performed and logically put together collection, anyone looking for a touch of jazz inspiration can't possibly loose" Sound On Sound

Available Formats

The file/mapping formats that come with this download include:

  • SMF [.mid]
  • Motif ES [w7p] (Motif Construction Set)
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