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Motif Jazz Construction Set for ES & MO
Motif Jazz Construction Set for ES & MO Quantity in Basket: None
Price: $49.95
<b>Download: </b> Data in .zip file with .pdf manual. (Make sure you can transfer data to Motif from your computer. A <a href="">SmartMedia card and reader</a> is the simplest route.)
<b>1GB USB Flash Drive : </b> Pre-loaded on a 1GB Memory Stick. (For an extra $25)
2GB USB Flash Drive: Pre-loaded on a 2GB Memory Stick. (For an extra $30)
<b>ADD: </b>Pre-loaded on storage media you've already selected to be shipped with this order. (ie. an <a href="" target="_blank">external hard drive</a>)
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The Motif Jazz Construction Set is instant jazz material for Motif ES and MO owners. Load up the Pattern file and immediately you will have a series of incredibly cool jazz arrangements at your fingertips. Basically it feels like an amazing jazz trio has taken up residency in your Motif.

This 'virtual jazz trio' can either just keep playing groove after infectious groove for you to listen to, or they can respond to your every whim in terms of instrumentation, arrangement,  and tempo. Plus you can join in anytime you like, and you won't get icy stares from the bass player if you stray too far from the basic idea or hit a few blue notes.

At the heart of MJCS is a series of MIDI recordings used on Twiddly.Bits Jazz Vol 9 Piano Bass Drums. This collection - originally presented as a series of individual instrument MIDI files - features performances from top class jazz drummers, bass players, and keyboardists.

MJCS takes this raw material and not only converts the files into native Motif ES / MO Pattern format, it also combines like-minded drums, bass, and keyboard parts within a series of Pattern Sections. Each Section contains four interchangeable basslines, four piano parts, and two drum grooves. Simply by muting and unmuting you can create a wide range of different feels and sensibilities.

By then also changing Pattern 'Sections'  - in real time - you can create complete arrangements that you can go on to record as a Chain and eventually as a Song.

Each of these inspirational Patterns has plenty of room for you to add your own playing (or in fact fly in other loops or solos from different Twiddly.Bits material if you like), plus the simple act of re-voicing - turn a stark acoustic grand piano into a heavily chorused vintage Fender Rhodes - gives you enormous power over this material.

MJCS not only comes with its own instructions/suggestions, and specific table of contents so you can see exactly what's in each file, you also get the full original Twiddly.Bits .MID files plus special version files for MOTU Performer.

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