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WaveLab 6
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Top 10 New Features

  • All new Spectrum Editor with sonogram view for frequency base restoration
  • New accurate Waveform displays (standard, spectrum and loudness)
  • Superior Dirac time stretch and pitch shift algorithms
  • Enhanced Master Section with SmartBypass, multi region processing and save presets with file
  • New set of audio processors including Crystal Resampler, Loudness Normalizer and Smart Silence
  • Enhanced Audio Montage handling including clip and cross-fade editing, batch processing and plug-ins
  • Extended audio file handling and manipulation system including files sizes > 2 GB, improved performance and batch renaming
  • External effects and recording through plug-ins
  • Enhanced metering tools including K-System metering
  • Remote control support

CD Mastering

  • Complete red-book CD mastering including accurate PQ editing, CD Text, Audio-in-Pause, track-sheet export and CD cover layout tools
  • Extended CD burning for ISO and mixed-mode formats

DVD-Audio Authoring

  • Complete DVD-Audio authoring toolset, including play list editing, on-screen video menu design, picture slide shows and DVD text
  • User definable surround-to-stereo down-mix coefficients
  • DVD-Audio burning, including video data
  • DVD-Audio extraction, conversion, and archiving


  • Clip based as well as global real time plug-in effects with VST and DirectX plug-in support
  • Audio restoration with dedicated DeNoiser and DeClicker plug-ins
  • Support of a multitude of different audio file formats (WAV, AIFF, SD II, AU, MP3, MP2 (M.U.S.I.C.A.M.), RAW, Windows Media 9, etc.) and resolutions (8/16/20/24/32 bits with up to 384 kHz) and W64 and RIFF 64 file formats
  • AES-31 import and export of projects
  • Import of Steinberg Nuendo markers as WaveLab CD markers
  • Powerful batch processing and scripting features
  • Audio database support with drag and drop to Nuendo and other applications
  • Support for surround plug-ins, e.g. Steinberg’s Surround Edition


  • Audio Montage for clip based non-destructive editing
  • Real time fades and cross fades with overlapping waveforms that follow fades
  • Versatile grouping of clips across single or multiple lanes
  • Supports any combination of mono stereo files
  • Multipurpose mouse function based on position in each lane
  • Fast dragging of clips with various snap functions

WaveLab is only available in PC format. Steinberg Key included.

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