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Yamaha UX16 USB MIDI Interface
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Simply connect the UX16 to your USB connector on your computer and plug the MIDI in and out cables (the actual length of the USB cable is 2 feet and the length of the MIDI cables is a little over 4 feet) into your keyboard or other MIDI device. You will have to install the driver which is included on a CD-ROM.

The UX16 can handle 16 channels of simultaneous playback. This will support your music production system with one MIDI OUT port (16 channels) and one MIDI IN port (16 channels). This is the number of channels you need to create and playback General MIDI files.

With a USB connection, you can connect and disconnect the USB cable while the power to the computer is on. The UX16 operates on USB bus power and does not require a power adaptor or batteries. The indicator lights show if the UX16 is connected properly to your USB jack and there are also lights to indicate when it is receiving MIDI IN & OUT. This is very handy to verify operation. You can easily expand the number of ports by using a USB hub to connect multiple UX16 units. A maximum of 32 units can be connected, but this would depend on your system.

With some iMac® models, you need to install "iMac Update 1.1", provided by Apple® Computer.
This program improves the USB software. For more information, visit the Apple® Computer Website at

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