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What are Twiddly.Bits?

Twiddly.Bits are MIDI Loop Libraries.

These libraries are "MIDI Samples" i.e. beats, and phrases that have been played by live musicians, using no quantizing. Read about the performers.

Because they are MIDI data, you can load the loops into almost any DAW and then select a sound from your own collection of plug-in instruments or voice/sample banks.

Because they are MIDI data you have complete and independent control over the tempo, pitch, sound, and individual notes contained in a loop.

These loops are royalty-free.

Use them for basic inspiration, to flesh out an arrangement or beat, or simply to spice up work you have in progress.

They are inexpensive, and infinitely flexible.

What comes in each library?

Individual loops, beats, and phrases; categorized by instrument and style.
EG snare_paradidle_02.MID, guitar_slide_05.MID, bass_slap_01.MID

Each library contains hundreds of loops, and since each loop can be voiced and pitched to suit your needs, the power you have available is immense.

In addition to the folders containing the .MID files is an individual PDF manual, complete with loop listing and usage hints and tips.

Many libraries also comprise additional formats for specialized instruments or applications, including Yamaha Motif Series (native Pattern format), Sonar MIDI Groove Clips etc. Check the contents of each library to see which additional formats are currently available.


Twiddly.Bit [twid-lee-bit] n. - a musical slang term, used primarily in Jazz but applicable to any style, used to describe a short improvised part. A producer or conductor might ask a musician "play the changes up to here, throw in some Twiddly Bits, and go to the coda". It's typically a brief and flashy lick, meant to spice up the piece without digressing into an entire solo.

And not surprisingly, this is exactly what the Twiddly.Bits samples are as well; short, tasteful, and technically advanced performances that can stand on their own within a piece, or be used to create an entire part or piece.

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