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Twiddly.Bits Gate Effects
Twiddly.Bits Gate Effects Quantity in Basket: None
Price: $20.00
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Instant Guide

  • Over 40 unique gate effects files you can mix and match
  • Expression, Filter, Modulation, and Pan control
  • Apply to any VST or synth that can receive MIDI CCs
  • SMF format: will load into any DAW
  • Add classic groove to your tracks - from the people who invented MIDI gates back in 1994!
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We Say

MIDI gate effects are simply the simplest but coolest way to add instant 'groove' to your tracks. These rhythm templates can be applied to synth pads, vocal sounds, strings... anything with some sustain and timbral interest.

MIDI gates can be loaded into any DAW or any hardware sequencer that can import .MIDs. Assign a sound source, line up a MIDI channel, and hit play on your DAW. Notes or chords that you play will now be 'gate effected' and will create that magical rhythmic grooving that instantly makes your track sound like a hit.

Mix and match gates, swap/add new sounds, the rhythmic permutations are literally endless.

SMF Type 1 file format. Guaranteed to work with all DAWs and hardware sequencers that can load/import .MIDs: Cubase (all versions, including LE and Sequel), GarageBand, Pro Tools, Logic, Acid, Reason, Ableton Live, FL Studio, Live, and Cakewalk (all version), and with all VSTs or synth sound sources.

They Say

"I was basically amazed, not only by the simplicity of operation but also by the extraordinary effective transformation of quite a mundane synth sound." The Mix
"If you're a slave to the rhythm you'll love 'em." Keyboard Magazine
"Essential." Future Music

Available Formats

The file/mapping formats that come with this download include:

  • SMF [.mid]
  • Motif [w3p]
  • Motif ES [w7p]

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